Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Setting the Facts Straight in Fiction

Really Dr. Jones… how could you not figure out that you landed in then Ceylon? Professor of archaeology, linguist, world explorer, you even spoke the language.

Let’s set the facts straight in your story

(a). A Geographical Miracle

Flying across China in a cargo plane to escape the bad guys Dr. Jones reaches snow-capped mountains. As sabotage ensues the plane is bound to crash land, Dr. Jones and friends use an inflated lifeboat to make a safe landing on the snow. The lifeboat rushes down the slopes with the accumulated velocity of the fall, and unable to curb their speed, the heroes shoot off a mountain cliff plummeting down into the hostile waters of a speeding river below. They survive the waters and the lifeboat gently floats on into calm shallow rivers bordering a rural arid and barren village. From snow-capped mountains, through hostile rivers, into barren land, Indy arrives in Ceylon.

Say what?…

But it’s “a village in the depths of India,” according to Lucasfilm. So how did I come about the reasoning that Dr. Jones landed in Ceylon.

(b). Sinhalese is only spoken in one region of the world, Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) and is the mother tongue of the country.

Indy speaks fluent Sinhalese but believes he’s in India. OK, so maybe he hit his head whilst bobbing about in the lifeboat. But no, he continues to converse with the villagers and then decides to help them by figuring out the evil of Pankot Palace on the way to Delhi on elephant over land.

Great fiction is often written from research into facts and re-imagining it. I must sadly give a 2 out of 10 to two of the world’s greatest filmmakers for their lack of creativity in re-imagining the backdrop of this tale.  

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