Homemade Remedies – Lockdown Experimentations

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Being in lockdown for nearly 2 months, we Sri Lankans have been forced to reconsider the wonders that are in our homes. Sharing my dabbles in a bit of time tested local remedies for common ailments.  

Sri Lanka is a country with a populace which has strong beliefs in goodness of natural, homemade and traditional fixes for common ailments. The belief in them does not come from science but from being time tested across many generations. Now, we can call it a ‘belief driven outcome,’ we know how the psyche can have physical manifestations, but this point will remain a debate.

Feel free to comment and let me know if you have already tried out, or do try any of the below remedies. Did it work for you? 🙂


The symptoms of an overheated body are known to be physical manifestations such as itchy eyes, cracking of feet and heat rash.

King coconut water

I’d have this everyday of my life, king coconut is the most delicious thing you’ll ever taste. It is known to be extremely hydrating forthe body.

Brewed hibiscus

Add a bit of lime and sugar and it’s a great alternative for a lemonade.


This is an instant quick fix often taken by the local sweet tooth who can’t stay away from the treats.

Fresh bitter gourd salad

Make sure to not cook and deep fry the bitter gourd. It’ll be a nasty bitterness but worth your while.

Brewed fenugreek

The fragrance of this brew is sure to turn you off, but success favours the bold.


Brewed coriander with ginger

We Sri Lankans do love brewing. Now this one is known to boost natural immunity and should be taken at the first sign of a cough or cold. Its spicy and I like to take mine with sugar.


Brewed cumin

Works like magic and is very drinkable, no further flavouring needed.

Roasted rice plain porridge

It is the same as a plain rice porridge, but the rice grains are pan roasted prior to making the porridge.

So, here are my experimentations as food for thought. I wish you good health and stay safe!

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