Special Island of My Heart (Photo Essay) – Pigeon Island, East Coast Sri Lanka

trinco, pigeon island, sri lanka

iserendip photography, completely unedited beauty. Precious little Pigeon Island National Park.

The famous Nilaveli seas of Trincomalee hold the precious little Pigeon Island, for which paradise would be too cliché an expression for description. Just a short boat ride from Nilaveli beach, it is a completely untouched and uninhabited island but for the many temporary visitors from the main shores. Glowing white corals make up the entire beach contrasting against a blue-green sea. A few steps from the beach and through a wall of shrubbery you’re introduced to the posterior of the island which is a shallow protected cove perfect for snorkelling. It’s a complete little world where time doesn’t seem to matter; all that is around you is breathtaking beauty, nature, sun and sea. That is of course until the busy boatman arrives at the promised time and hurries you off across to the mainland.      

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