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About the Blog

iserendip is a journey about exploring culture, travel and stories about Sri Lanka. The name ‘iserendip’ references an old-world name for Sri Lanka; a land of serendipity where you stumble upon wondrous things.

About the Curator

“My home country is the beautiful little island of Sri Lanka. My upbringing has been a fusion of influences with Local-Eurasian mixed ethnic ties. This has made me naturally very curious about diverse human beliefs and culture.

I’m a lover of the word ‘Serendipity;’ leaving things to chance and discovering wondrous things about the world.”

About the Information and Views

The information is dedicated to being the most carefully researched through expert and reliable sources.

The views are the curator’s own unique perspectives and musings.

The Vision of the Blog

To curate the greatest collection of explorations into culture, travel and stories of Sri Lanka where readers can come stumble upon something wonderful.

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